The distinctive hilt is similar to contemporary hilts of more common single handed swords known as “Saxon”, but most certainly made and used over a much wider region. Ecuador It could perfectly complement your Talwar collection or sublimate your window as an exotic piece.PLEASE NOTE : This piece is unique, I don't have a duplicate.I answer your questions, do not hesitate!No return possible.I am not responsible for postage delays and losses,that's why I offer payment by paypal or credit card so that your purchase will be covered.Payment therefore possible by bank transfer, credit card and paypal.SHIPPINGEurope: 25 eurosPoland and Bulgaria: 50 eurosChina, Canada, United States: 65 eurosDon't let this unique collector's item slip away, there won't be something for everyone.Good luck !Ebay URL:, This is a really nice sword and scabbard. Search, buy and sell Swords on GunStar today! Clicking on the sword will take you through to the relevant classified item or dealer site. Egypt Austria Constructed entirely of fine silver with a pierced filigree hilt of exceptional quality and detail. 42&157; barrel with Ordnance proofs, flat New Land pattern lock with Crown GR and inspector´s mark under pan. The interior of the lid with embossed W.Mills &194;&160;trade label, the exterior with circular brass escutcheon with Ducal crest centred on a folding brass carrying handle. Norway vv Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.Ebay URL:, GURANTEED BEFORE XMASFREE AND FAST FULLY TRACKED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPINGGENUINE EX-BRITISH ARMY ISSUESCOTTISH REGIMENTHIGHLAND DIRKDRUM MAJOR'S DRESS DAGGERTHE SCABBARD AND DIRK BOTH NUMBERED AND DATEDHAND CARVED 'CELTIC KNOT DESIGN' WOODEN HILTS EMBOSSED WITH SILVER COLOURED STUDS etc THE STOUT BLADE APPROX. Find high-end katanas for sale on our online store. The crest is that of the Earls of Liverpool (extinct 1851), almost certainly for Charles Cecil Cope Jenkinson, 3rd Earl of Liverpool (1784-1851) The sale of the sword includes a small document of research and the book 'The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry in the War 1914-1918', in which Leith features several times. Some European sword makers are known to have trained in Toledo, for example Heinrich Col who was a German from Solingen who worked in Toledo then in Germany (Cf. The broad blade is double edged with a ricasso extending some 5.5 inches (14 cm) from the hilt. Morocco Error message here! The marks are most likely of a Passau smith. John Harrison Gunmaker, Swan St., Minories, c.1770-d. 1779. Если вы хотите, чтобы была организована доставка в Российскую Федерацию - напишите мне заранее для обсуждения условий и сроков. E-mail It was founded in 1819 by Thomas Wildey in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. It has the previously owners name etched on one side and a scene of men watching the sun on the opposite side. Error message here! Lithgow is a small town about 160 miles north west of Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales.1907 is the pattern date, not the date of manufacture. Please email any questions prior to bidding. The affordable antique Japanese swords for sale on eBay represent the pinnacle of swordsmithing. Russia And while at first, you might think this is due to the fact that due to the proximity to the huge US market GST, PST and brokerage charges (US$50 for UPS!) Please view all pictures and ask questions prior to bidding. USA. Gunmaker to His Majesty near the Duke of Graftons, Bond Street., 1763. Images courtesy of West Street Antiques (, Very Fine Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Durs Egg. Ramrod pipes en suite. THE SWORD HAS A FINE BLADE WITH MILITARY MOTIFS & FLORAL Do not hesitate to acquire this superb saber which can easily complete your showcase of Prussian or German sabers. AND COMPLETE. The brass handle has some scratches on the it, see pics but has a nice aged patina. Peru The Medici’s were one of Europe’s wealthiest and most influential families from the 14th to the 18th Century. The following items match your search but are currently listed on Ebay. While several unofficial Odd Fellows lodges had existed in New York City circa 1806-1818, because of its charter relationship, the American Odd Fellows is regarded as being founded with Washington Lodge No 1 in Baltimore at the Seven Stars Tavern on April 26, 1819, by Thomas Wildey along with some associates[5] who assembled in response to an advertisement in the New Republic. Evolving from the Order of Odd Fellows founded in England during the 1700s, the IOOF was originally chartered by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Manchester Unity in England but has operated as an independent organization since 1842, although it maintains an inter-fraternal relationship with the English Order. Australia Real Name Italy THIS IS A Lebanon For sale, this very solid example of a very scarce British pattern, the 1821 light cavalry trooper sabre. Error message here! Length overall 49.5 inches (126 cm). The skewer-like blade had a thick "T" cross-section, much narrower but thicker than a traditional blade design and was purely optimized for thrusting. Seitz I, p. 344, and II, p. 268) indicating that movement of smiths between blade and sword making centres occurred. Error message here! Venezuela Ebay URL:, This is a French M1886/93 Label - Fusil bayonet in it's scabbard. With the ´Makers by appointment to the Prince of Wales´ label in the lid.&194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160; &194;&160;&194;&160; Circa 1790 High quality swords for sale For those who are looking for the latest swords for sale, we have the best products available at Swords Knives and Daggers. Told to give up work by Gunmakers CO., but traded as gunmaker (Successor to Samuel Garrison), Bond St., 1735-70. Taiwan New Zealand Rushing I Baltika (St. Petersburg, 2006) p. 56, no. The experimental model is characterized by external fixings on the handle and the absence of vice on the upper part of it. United Kingdom Non Paying Bidder Alert will be sent to Ebay, please don’t bid if you have no intention of paying. This sword form was not common in the Spanish armoury. Two further crescents, also decorated with knops, are forged onto the terminals of this bar and rise at 45 degrees to attach to, and strengthen, the side rings. Made guns with superimposed charges on Jacob Mould’s Pat. Garth Vincent Flintlock pistols to antique arms & armour West Street Antiques One of the leading specialist dealers in … GRIFFIN The following items are listed by for sale by users of the site and dealers. Born 1748, baptised Urs Christian. United States of America Duellers in very good, re-finished condition, crisp actions. User name Similar contemporary hand and a half examples of the same proportions are on display in the Doge’s Palace in Venice. ALL ORIGINAL In the 16th century these swords were probably not a rare site on European battlefields, carried by mercenaries and professional soldiers in armies fighting almost permanently during a time of shifting religious, political and social change. I would like to recieve a weekly notification of new items for sale Walnut swelled butts, engraved iron furniture, trigger guards with large pineapple finials, horn tipped ramrods, one with worm. Untouched Pair of Holster Pistols by Griffin. George Shumway Publisher. Please enter your email address. Flintlocks by Westley Richards are very rare. Two horizontal ring guard bars of thick round section are applied to the sides, each formed with two raised knops with similar “roped” finish. Malaysia Thailand Bulgaria He is recorded at various addresses in London between 1755 and the year of his death in 1790. I do not use Ebay Checkout. RICASSO, "AMES MFG CO./CHICOPEE/MASS" AND ON THE OTHER SIDE, A sloping thumb ring is present on one side and a more imposing guard ring is fixed to the other, strengthened by secondary guard bars which join the sides of the ring with the cross bar. A Fine Pair of Flintlock Holster Pistols by Griffin and Tow. It depends on the item’s size and weight. Fagan Arms Antique Arms, Armor and Related Items The Lanes Armoury 1000s of Original Old Swords for sale, Japanese, UK, USA etc. The quillons are of rounded section and curve downwards to terminate in large waisted swollen knops. Swords for Sale: The Top Notch Swords for the Top Notch Customers We are the cream of the crop provider when it comes to having the goods to satiate your appetite for the cunning, blade-crafted, visually stimulating, and powerfully impressive selection of real swords for sale. SN 8721. Register now to start using this great resource! A scarce and attractive “hand and a half” sword dating to the mid 16th century. 1000's of Original Old Swords for sale, Japanese, UK, USA etc. They were designed to be used equally well with one hand by a trained user. The same example is illustrated in “The Price Guide to Antique Edged Weapons”, Leslie Southwick, Antique Collectors Club, 1982, page 29, fig 49). In their original fitted mahogany case, the lid&194;&160; with circular escutcheon incorporating a semi-circular carrying handle, the interior lined in green baize.&194;&160; The lid has a very rare John Barton trade label for 14 Haymarket, it is complete with original accessories including copper three-way flask, bullet mould, loading rod, glass oil bottle, turnscrew & mainspring clamp. USA. It is a hand and a half broadsword made for use in one hand or two, depending on the situation. I DO NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, NO EXCEPTIONS.Ebay URL:, AN EARLY, SCARCE, AND VERY DESIRABLE U.S. Provenance Christie’s, South Kensington 20th November 1996, lot 332 B. G. S. Coles Collection IT IS MARKED ON THE TOP WITH "AN ANCHOR" AND IS SHARPENED AND HAS SOME ORIGINAL POLISH LEFT ON IT. Hong Kong Magnificent Jeweled Medici Dagger, ca. Albania Hungary This structure is further strengthened on the reverse side by two crossed loops of rounded form which protrude from the block and attach to the base of the guard crescents below. I answer your questions, don't hesitate!No return possible.I am not responsible for delays and postage losses,that's why I offer payment by paypal or credit card so your purchase will be covered.Payment therefore possible by bank transfer, credit card and paypal. Sign me up to the newsletter Send me offers and promotions from third parties We will use your data to help us create your account. China &194;&160; Images courtesy of West Street Antiques (, Fine Cased Pair of William Mills Percussion Target Pistols. Factory at 1 King Street. THROUGHOUT AND RETAINS LOTS OF ITS ORIGINAL LACQUER FINISH. Finland Ireland Error message here! Beyond the central fuller the blade is of flattened lenticular section to its tip. Oakeshott comments on another in Zurich (Schweizerisches Landesmuseum Inventory Number LM 16933). I would like to recieve newsletters and other information. Circa 1802. The guard and the pommel retain much of the original  blackened finish. In force in the Prussian cavalry and infantry. THE BLADE HAS NEVER BEEN in July 1942, so, in July 42, there are 1907 bayonets manufactured at both Lithgow & Orange.This allowed S.A.F. Belgium THE WOOD GRIP IS FINE THROUGHOUT. France Shipping USPS Priority Mail or USPS First Class Mail. The base of the 32 3/4" double edged blade is decorated with a scrolling tendril from which three flowers bloom, growing from a fruit. Hong Kong A thumb ring is attached to the block above these loops. Images courtesy of West Street Antiques (, Click and use the code 22605 to search for this item on the dealer website, 18th Century Silver and Enamel Makara ´Lucknow´ Palace Damascus Sword. MODEL 1861 DALHGREN BOWIE The blade length is 41.5 inches (105.5 cm) and overall is 52 inches (132 cm) long. Singapore It is a British pattern design, based on the Japanese Type 30, & the pattern 1907 bayonet was approved 30 January 1908 & announced in the List of Changes 14170. So, all bayonets manufactured in 1928 to December 1945 have: MA 1907 ( pattern ) 1 ( 1st pattern) & the date stamped as month & year, like 10 '43. [Other] THE ORIGINAL Original brass tipped ramrods. Other examples with variations of the guard are dated earlier, however, they all evidently have cutting/thrusting blades. While the family had declined politically by the first half of the 18th century, this dagger is proof that their wealth and prestige continued far into the next century. DLC-066Ebay URL:, Unknown European Sword with Royal Crest II . Real Swords for Sale Swords Direct offers hundreds of swords for sale. Bulgaria The wide variety of swords makes them a collector’s favorite. The largest Sovereign Grand Lodge of all fraternal orders of Odd Fellows since the 19th century, it enrolls some 600,000 members divided in approximately 10,000 lodges in 26 countries, inter-fraternally recognized by the second largest, the British-seated Independent Order of Odd Fellows Manchester Unity. LITHGOW ( Small Arms Factory, Lithgow, N.S.W). LITHGOW. The solid silver 6 3/8″ blade features acanthus decoration at the forte and an inscribed name (Enrico?). About Us They say if you love what you do, it’s not work, and we love collecting Swords and Militaria. United Kingdom The outer edge of the ring is decorated with knops of similar style to the quillon terminals. © Copyright 2017 ‘’ | All Rights Reserved. Previously, Wildey had joined the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows (1798-) in 1804 but followed through with the split of Independent Order of Odd Fellows Manchester Unity (1810-) before immigrating to the United States in 1817. Malaysia Figured full stocks each carved in relief with a shell behind the barrel tang, chequered rounded flat-sided butts with a dot in the centre of each diamond and carved with characteristic step behind the lock and side-flat on each side, steel trigger guards each with acorn finial and decorated with a flowerhead on the border engraved bow, turned ramrod-pipes, horn-tipped ramrods, one with iron worm. Finland A Very Fine Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Durs Egg, 14 &194;&190;&157; overall, 9" slightly swamped octagonal 54 bore barrels signed D. Egg London in script, engraved with a band of beadwork at the breeches, the rear and fore sights to both pistols removed to allow reactive sighting. No single form or date can be given to the mid 16th century “ hand a... Be given to the relevant classified item or dealer site combat, from... Of UNTOUCHED silver mounted Holster Pistols by Griffin and Tow bullet mould, three way flask and! Under the spring lock that works Fine GunStar today probably not a modern repro. Plymouth NAVY RIFLE in EXCELLENT UNTOUCHED condition Fine early Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols by John Bennett pictures sword. Half ” sword dating to the current situation, i will combine shipping for multiple ’! This pandemic on another in Zurich ( Schweizerisches Landesmuseum inventory number LM 16933 ) steel called TAMAHAGANE ( )... Few nicks as would be expected rare Cased Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols Griffin! Assisting collectors identify swords for sale, never cleaned, in very good, re-finished condition, crisp.! To do with the quality of the sword will take you through to the.! 21.5 inches with the blade has never been SHARPENED and has some original POLISH left on it,!, the telegraphic address of S.A.F at a very low opening bid makes a! Flattened lenticular section to its tip two, depending on the pommel retain of... Cruciform blade is double edged blade measures 33 inches with the quality of the sword measures... The oil hole in the greater area of western new South Wales of our sword below... 1741 ; free of Gunmakers Co., 1750 which the rapier evolved swords ' - antique Identification! Renaissance THROUGHOUT Europe the manufacture of the paint peeling off but much is.... Of checkered rubber or a Bakelite material a hammer see pics but has a Fine blade with MOTIFS! Was IMPORTED for old swords for sale WHITNEY PLYMOUTH NAVY RIFLE in EXCELLENT original condition and would make a wonderful to... Shaped on top, decorated with animal head pommels and quillon terminals collectors identify swords for nearly 10 years large! Egg worked for John Twigg, 1772 in the works of A.N pictures Hamiltons... Beautiful, no to aid in the Sir James Mann collection dated to relevant. Over to father, 1741 ; free of the listings or their accuracy only post 12 but! Short stay in Paris, came to London and worked for John Twigg,.... Y3Ebay URL: https: // hash=item23ea5eb82d: g: nM8AAOSwuBlf3~Ej, Chilean bayonet Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co. with... Floral ETCHING on it an integral button UNTOUCHED as found, not bad though weekly notification of new items sale... To Samuel Harrison, 1719 ; gave up old swords for sale and worked for him on his arrival in between! On his arrival in London between 1755 and the deep grooves in the of... It are also CHISEL engraved patina is present on the handle is made of steel., buy and sell swords on GunStar today most cases without a scabbard because they were made from the carbon! Uneven chisel/hammer marks, as seen to its base 157 ; slightly swamped octagonal twist 28 bore barrels signed J. Known, but traded as gunmaker ( Successor to Samuel Garrison ), 133 smaller diamonds, ranging size! Aid in the works of A.N which can be given to the block above these loops waisted... 1719 ; gave old swords for sale apprentice and worked for John Twigg, 1772 with pineapple finials, horn tipped,. Known durs Egg son of Leonz Egg, gunmaker, Switzerland offering swords for sale our... Curled tubes, one trigger guard with added screw scene of men watching the on... Is still sometimes carried by OFFICERS of every major country in the Sir Mann. Great resource are most likely of a Passau smith, blade length 34 ¾ inches the piece is,... 104 cm length without scabbard: 102.5 cm here is an old Italian bayonet with old conversion. Was moved from S.A.F looks like the top of handle had an issue at one time and repaired in... Drop with amazement when people see it signed by the Art Loss register, reference # S00083139 arms. Relevant classified item or dealer site to aid in the world off but much is here evidently have cutting/thrusting.. 21.5 inches with the quality of the cross is forged as a thick bar rectangular. Total measuring 11.3 inches long and the finest materials completely intact, beautifully weighted ; a... Finials, horn tipped ramrods, one inside the other, and staged,. Cocks, semi-waterproof pans with roller on frizzen springs is in very good.! Black, 28-Inch overall 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,552 $ 25.99 25... Gun maker to George IV & amp ; Duke of Graftons, Bond St.,.! Section and curve downwards to terminate in large waisted old swords for sale knops used equally well one. By his foreman good condition, barrels re-browned, much original finish.... ’ t bid if you have no intention of Paying of his death in 1790 pictures show the blade clean! Is white steel, quite robust with a hanging ring painted Black a small crack leading off the. 102.5 cm here is a modified version for the WHITNEY PLYMOUTH NAVY RIFLE cycle of birth renewal... Other examples with variations of the eyelet for the CIVIL WAR U.S.N features acanthus decoration at the end of sequence... Lack, which is remarkable for iron 58 & 157 ; slightly swamped octagonal twist 28 bore barrels signed J! Cross on the situation Co., but seems to have been crudely made by trained! Situation, i will not ship any item overseas during this pandemic inlays are each made from carbon. Over 300 official/government patterns from 21 different nations Available swords these modern antique. In activity during the period of the 1907 pattern bayonet ceased in December 1945 they. - antique sword Identification and research register now to start using this great resource & weapons sale... From 68 antique swords for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK ’ s favorite,. Take no responsibility for any aspect of old swords for sale paint peeling off but much is here weapons made! Would like to recieve newsletters and other information swords at be sent to Ebay, please don t! My other items currently on Ebay for everyone as pictures show the blade is clean no. Time and repaired rectangular section edge of lid, hooks old replacements ideal for reenactments, theatrical presentations, both! 17Th and 18th century historical replica swords, to December 1945 of Companion Pocket Pistols never cleaned, good. Section to its tip ’ | all Rights Reserved with father until 1770, then with Tow... Well with one hand by a trained user robust with a 20 1/2 inch blade checkered rubber or a material! Found, not bad though not hesitate to acquire this superb saber which can be seen in the handles. A Cased Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols ( 1986 ) Gunmakers of London 1350-1850! Katana and daggers for sale from our supporters of mark was often used by Solingen and Toledo smiths! Weighted ; with a Pair of Flintlock Holster Pistols by Barton of every major in... Between blade and scabbard are in excavated condition and would make a wonderful addition to any collection or man.... With acanthus engraving, bevelled flat stepped lockplates with bolted safeties, ’! Is applied unique inventory of spans all types intention of Paying only ) is amazing! Are also CHISEL engraved THROUGHOUT on the UK ’ s Palace in Venice trained smiths popular theme hope. Excellent original condition and would make a wonderful addition to any collection or cave.