His fight with Sasuke starts and Gaara is surprised to find Sasuke's speed and movements are almost identical to Lee's and, as such, bypass his defences in much the same way. Let's review. Under heavy security, Gaara meets the woman the Suna Council has found for him to marry: Hakuto of the Hōki family. Even this reform is very much inspired by Naruto, as he wishes for the Five Kage and their hidden villages to cooperate and benefit from each other in the same way that he has benefited from Naruto's influence. The transformation allows him to outpace Gaara's sand and restrain Gaara with his spine. He forgave his father for trying to assassinate him as he was only trying to protect the village. Gaara and Minato team up to try and stop Black Zetsu from giving the Nine-Tails to Madara, but they are easily repelled. Ranke defeats Gaara's sand with her lightning powers and then undergoes a monstrous transformation. Whereas other jinchūriki achieve this transformation using only chakra, Gaara does so using sand: by layering sand onto parts of his body, he transforms those body parts into human-sized versions of Shukaku's. After Naruto's Hokage inauguration, the two were photographed together in their Kage attire by Genzō. Kankurō makes repeated attempts to convince Gaara not to put himself at risk like this, but Gaara insists it is the best way for him to unify with Suna's population. Gaara's favourite words are, in the first and second databook. Minato starts sealing his half of the Nine-Tails into Naruto, but it is intercepted by Black Zetsu and they are shortly afterwards joined by Madara, who is now the jinchūriki of the Ten-Tails. Five days later, Gaara recovered and was relieved to learn that Shinki, Boruto, and Shukaku all successfully made it to Konohagakure along with knowing that Sasuke's return prompted Urashiki to retreat. Gaara's sand is highly malleable and can be used for any number of purposes. As Gaara's attention was split between protecting Boruto and facing the foe, Urashiki found an opening to steal more chakra from Gaara, only to thwarted by Shinki's intervention. Gaara is eager to fight Sasuke, having noticed that Sasuke, like himself, is driven by hate and who may therefore be the greatest challenge Gaara has ever faced; by killing Sasuke, Gaara's reason for living would be indisputable. Because of heavy cuts to Sunagakure's budget, the Fourth Kazekage wanted to make one of his children the jinchūriki of the One-Tailed Shukaku to serve as a weapon for the village. Later, Gaara attended Ōnoki's funeral. Though Lee is quite fast, Gaara's Shield of Sand is faster and blocks all of Lee's attacks. Main article: Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding. Gaara agrees, believing this will also be a good way to prove himself to his dissenters in Suna. While it was customary for close relations to a Kage to be a jinchūriki, neither she nor her younger brother Kankurō were compatible with the One-Tail, so Gaara was chosen.In the anime, growing up as a relative to the Fourth Kazekage and Gaara, Temari had a hard time making friends as everyone was always intimidated by her lineage. Their combination is effective enough to force Madara to activate his Rinnegan, which he then uses to drop a meteorite upon the Fourth Division. He helped convince Zabuza to turn on his wicked employer, and other characters like Gaara, Neji and Tsunade were also won over to Naruto's side (Tsunade wasn't actually a villain, though). Afterwards, it was to safeguard Shukaku at Konoha. Special, Naruto Shippūden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress, https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Gaara?oldid=1377067, The name "Gaara" literally means either "self-loving demon" or "self-loving silk" (, When Gaara was first named in the English. NEXT: 10 Marvel Heroes That Would Operate Better as Villains. If Sasuke does decide to revive his clan with some girl, it sure as hell won't be Sakura. Two-and-a-half years after the end of Part I, the Suna Council discusses reports from Jiraiya of Konoha about Akatsuki's likely imminent activity. In Part II, many girls in Suna start to consider Gaara handsome.[15]. Gaara tells all this to Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka while they visit Suna a few days later; like them, he believes that the man was not really Sasuke. Gaara believes in forgiving past differences and strife, abandoning antiquated concepts of "honour" that only promote isolation, and serving a purpose greater than one's self. After Hiruko initiates a Fourth Shinobi World War, Gaara leads a force of Suna-nin through a rocky terrain. Gaara uses Sand Lightning Needles to drain her lightning and crushes her using Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral. As Kazekage, Gaara becomes much wiser than most people his age when he took on the role. In many ways, this is for the best, but in some ways, Gaara would also be a neat villain. That would be an awesome villain for sure. When Shijima proves willing to kill Gaara and herself so that Hakuto and Shigezane can escape, Gaara asks why she didn't kill him earlier when he was unconscious. [20] The reincarnated Kage that Gaara fights, including his father, also come to approve of his abilities after he defeats them. Despite Gaara's threats to kill them if they interfere, Kankurō and Temari convince him to desist and they leave Team 8 unharmed. However, his editor opposed the name and instead suggested Gaara (我愛羅, literally meaning: "self-loving demon"); Kishimoto later learned that his editor had actually based the name on the GALA Yuzawa ski resort in Nīgata Prefecture where he had recently vacationed. In battle, Gaara tends to stay away from his opponents and rarely uses taijutsu. Gaara is confident they'll be able to rebuild since they have Naruto, and recalls when Team 7 helped him deal with the Suna Assassin Captain. Gaara was raised in isolation during his early life, taught ninjutsu by his father and cared for by his maternal uncle, Yashamaru. Gaara is so unnerved by his injury that he is unable to participate as planned in the invasion of Konoha when it begins in the middle of his fight with Sasuke. To escape, Gaara does a partial Shukaku transformation, which in the process revives Seimei. As Shukaku's jinchūriki, Gaara is able to manipulate sand. When Boruto came, Urashiki began to target him. Sand can go anywhere and flow into any shape, which would lead to some cool and scary assassination scenes. If Gaara was a dedicated villain, then viewers could be treated to more scenes of this fascinating beast, and entire teams of Leaf ninjas would leap into battle to try and take it down, including Naruto. Madara starts attacking the Fourth Division and Gaara, the Tsuchikage, and Naruto's shadow clone team up against him. Gaara surrounds himself with sand so that Sasuke's punches and kicks can't disturb him as he prepares to transform into Shukaku. Gaara became a foster father to a … From that point onward he starts moving away from "Gaara of the Sand Waterfall" and starts emulating Naruto instead, improving his relationships with his siblings, making friends within Suna and without, and finding something that he's willing to give his life to protect. 1.461 m
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, In Naruto's Footsteps: The Friends' Paths, Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness, Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze, Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Shikamaru Shinden: A Cloud Dancing in Forlorn Falling Petals, Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel, Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire. Once he's down, Gaara and Shukaku combine efforts to create a bigger and stronger Desert Layered Imperial Funeral, which Madara escapes using his Susanoo. Gaara is frightened to see his own blood for the first time and cancels the transformation. Even while awake, Shukaku's powers were a constant risk, causing the young Gaara to inadvertently kill those around him and, in moments of particular stress, unleash Shukaku upon Suna. They are then attacked by knights wielding the power of the Stone of Gelel; Gaara is drawn into battle with Ranke. For Gaara, falling asleep can be dangerous for himself and those around him. Gaara places sealing tags on the Kage's sand confinements, but all except Rasa escape. As Gaara is revived, Matsuri is shown present. It was fascinating, and if he remained evil, viewers could see the true depths of his despair and agony. EX, Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he uses the Desert Layered Imperial Funeral Seal to serve the same functional purpose as the Cloth Binding Technique, giving him a way of stopping reincarnated opponents. Gaara is a playable character in the following video games: While Gaara often relies on his sand to fight, in the Clash of Ninja game series, he uses actual taijutsu in tandem with his sand techniques. Gaara and Naruto knew nothing but suffering as jinchuriki. The former Jinchūriki of the One-Tail, Gaara made his debut in the Naruto series as an antagonist and ended up trading blows with Naruto Uzumaki. Having been warned, Gaara told Shukaku he was grateful, before their connection ended. Gaara's ability to manipulate sand remains even after Shukaku is removed from his body. In the final stage, Gaara creates a full-sized Shukaku form, which he ordinarily remains safely deep within. His first two children, Temari and then Kankurō, had not been compatible with Shukaku. Gaara ended up being born prematurely and, from the ordeals of childbirth, his mother, … He also had a ninken named Manji (まんじ), likely an homage to Hiroaki Samura's Blade of the Immortal. Gaara feels guilty about this and insists on fighting Kimimaro by himself so that Lee doesn't risk further injury. He was acknowleged as the "Golden Egg" by the Second Mizukage due to his high intelligence. Hearing this, Shijima realises that Gaara plans to fake their deaths so that they can be together. In the anime, Gaara noticed Urashiki from before and pursued him alongside Chōjūrō. Gaara also gains a new purpose in life by dedicating all his energy towards serving the village and those who live there. Baki instructs Temari and Kankurō to take him back to Suna. Saddened by Sasuke's response, Gaara joins Temari, Kankurō, and Darui in attacking him. If he needs more sand, he can either use sand from the surroundings or, if there isn't any, use his personal sand to break down minerals in the ground to create some;[23] these secondary sand supplies require more chakra to control. [24], Gifted with powerful defensive ninjutsu, Gaara's usual tactic is to remain stationary in battle, using his sand to attack opponents from afar. Main article: Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel Gaara and Naruto are both the same weight and height by Part II. Her strength was great… Rasa's third child, who would become Gaara, was compatible, and for that reason Shukaku was sealed into him by Chiyo while he was still in his mother's womb. Gaara requests that Shukaku help him seal Madara. Both Sand and Leaf ninja scoff at the notion, thinking the advantage to … Itachi's group kills Gaara by taking the demon from his body, but Naruto and Chiyo end up bringing him back to life. Who is the child? Some fans might say that Gaara's dramatic villain role was too short, and maybe it should have extended well into Shippuden, too. However, Naruto's stubborn optimism showed a ray of hope for these people, and since Gaara turned to the light, he repeated that lesson with great emphasis. Gaara transforms his right arm into Shukaku's, who has been causing Gaara ongoing discomfort because of the earlier cancelled transformation. Secretly, the exam will hopefully draw out Akatsuki, who are after jinchūriki like Gaara. Frightened, the child attacked Gaara, leading to him being impaled while hugging Shinki. Gaara is a sharp and innovative fighter. However, through many negative experiences with his peers, classmates, and villagers, Gaara had self-doubts about himself. Temari was born the eldest child of Karura and the Fourth Kazekage: Rasa. Hakuto's sister and bodyguard, Shijima, soon arrives and creates an opening for Gaara to kill both Etoro and Metoro. With Obito defeated, the Allied Forces head off to fight Madara, the only remaining threat. As they carry Gaara away from Konoha they are confronted by Sasuke, who wants to finish their fight. Main article: Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha Gaara and the other Kage refuse, prompting Tobi to declare the start of the Fourth Shinobi World War before departing. When the Tsuchikage asks where the jinchūriki will be hidden, the Fifth Hokage argues against this, however Gaara reminds her that Naruto takes too many risks for his friends to be allowed to fight. He becomes Suna's Fifth Kazekage (五代目風影, Godaime Kazekage, literally meaning: Fifth Wind Shadow) so that he can protect the village and all those who live there, dispelling the fears he cast on the villagers. - Where he says again that he wants to be needed as the Kazekage is the exact same reason why Dan wanted … Karura had not loved Gaara either, and named him after the phrase "a self-loving carnage" (我を愛する修羅, Ware o aisuru shura) so that he would be a curse upon Suna for what it had done to her. He had more control over his tailed beast than Naruto had over the Nine-Tailed Fox during the early arcs of the anime, and his powers continued to grow from there. At that moment Shikamaru Nara appears, his help having been requested by Gaara via Temari; Shikamaru will corroborate reports that Shigezane and Hakuto were killed so they can settle in Konoha under new identities. Gaara, Temari, and Kankurō return to Suna, and when they arrive they are informed that the daimyō have already authorised the Allied Shinobi Forces' formation. Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation. Gaara becomes pessimistic that the Kage will be able to work together since his peers seem too willing to give up, qualities that he, because of Naruto's influence, cannot respect. Gaara goes after Sasuke again but is blocked by Sakura Haruno, who reminds Gaara of Yashamaru. During his years of caring only about himself, Gaara becomes infamously known as "Gaara of the Sand Waterfall" (砂瀑の我愛羅, Sabaku no Gaara, English TV: Gaara of the Desert). His first two children, Temari and then Kankurō, had not been compatible with Shukaku. Madara returns once he obtains one of his Rinnegan and starts sealing the tailed beasts into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. During the first stage of the Chūnin Exams, Gaara uses his Third Eye to copy the answers from others participants' written tests. Gaara has long since figured out that they are lovers who planned to use Hakuto's arranged marriage as an opportunity to elope. Delta is a member of Kara, just like Jigen, and someone who is known to be monstrously powerful. By adulthood, Gaara's Shield of Sand's defence increased tremendously, able to shrug off attacks that Sasuke Uchiha's Majestic Attire: Susanoo could not.[27]. Gaara then tries to capture the Mizukage with his Desert Layered Imperial Funeral, which the Mizukage escapes from by using an explosive clone. Two years after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Gaara notices that Temari is bothered about something and guesses that it has something to do with Shikamaru Nara. Gaara doesn't sleep because if he does Shukaku will take control. This ties into the earlier points about Gaara being a cool villain. As in Suna, this unity that Gaara advocates is slow to catch on, for a time only gaining support from Naruto's own Konohagakure. They approve of her after she humiliates the Fourth Raikage in a fight. Once the invasion starts, Gaara is to transform into Shukaku and attack the village from within while Suna and Oto's forces invade. If Gaara and Kankurō should die before producing heirs, that would mean that a Konoha ninja will have a claim to the Kazekage position. Although he has several opportunities for escape, he refuses to do so because it would require leaving Hakuto behind; he does not wish to protect her because she is to be his wife but rather because she is a person in need. Gaara dreams that he has a happy childhood in Suna with his parents, siblings, and Yashamaru and where he gets to play with Naruto everyday. Gaara (我愛羅, Gaara) is a shinobi of Sunagakure. However, Gaara promptly returns to Suna with all of his men except for Temari, leaving her behind to talk to Shikamaru. Naruto, however, only sympathises with Gaara, having had a childhood that was just as lonely as Gaara's was. Despite his stoic demeanour, Gaara is empathetic and in touch with his emotions, freely shedding tears at Sasuke's refusal to change his ways, and at the revelation of his mother's love for him. Because Temari is about to get married to Shikamaru Nara of Konoha, her children will be Konoha-nin. Rather, Gaara focused on himself, driven solely by his own desires and his own survival. The brothers simultaneously attack with their kekkei genkai and break Gaara's Shield of Sand, injuring him for the first time in several years. When he unmasked the Anbu, Gaara discovered it was Yashamaru.[13]. Main article: Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc i dont know if this is true or not or suppost to mean anything but i found some website and heres what someone stated: quote: "While this says that Gaara wants to be Kazekage, this has relevance for three reasons: - As I mentioned before, Sakura is foreshadowed to end with a kage. Unable to argue out of the situation, Gaara accepts whatever marriage the Council decides to arrange for him. We expected Shikamaru and Temari to end up together, they both spent a lot of time with each other, while at the same time didn’t want to be in a relationship. Gaara and Kankurō save a band of Suna villagers from a group of seemingly invulnerable armoured warriors. As talks about the boy's fate began, Gaara voiced his personal feelings of not treating the boy as a weapon, having personally experienced that dread as a Jinchūriki. However, Sasuke does not show up for their match on time and, when he does finally arrive, Gaara is on edge. Gaara then thanks Neji and Matsuri for their help. At some point over the next two years, Gaara becomes Suna's Fifth Kazekage. In the anime, Gaara and his siblings volunteer to teach at Suna's new Konoha-inspired Ninja Academy. He asks them to return, but Shigezane refuses and attacks Gaara; Gaara uses his Magnet Release to defend himself, counter, and hold Shigezane at his mercy. After being defeated by Naruto Uzumaki — a jinchūriki like himself who found strength in his friendships — Gaara starts emulating him. That's an enemy that Squad 7 and the other Leaf ninjas would have to take very seriously. Afterwards, Gaara muses that Kimimaro was somewhat similar to Naruto in that both would stop at nothing to protect what was precious to them, even if that precious thing was itself evil. he would notice her if she wasn't such a fangirl. The kanji on Gaara's forehead, 愛 ("ai"), means "Love", and is the second kanji character is his name. During the following month, Gaara and his siblings are informed of Suna and Otogakure's plans for an invasion of Konoha, set to begin during the Chūnin Exams' final matches. Also during which, to make sure Urashiki would not sense its chakra, Shukaku willingly sealed itself inside a kettle. [14] Overwhelmed with grief, Gaara transformed into Shukaku and attacked Suna, which Rasa stopped with his gold dust. Gaara angrily questions Naruto about his presence on the battlefield and his new Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, but Naruto assures him that he knows what he's doing and he should not treat him like child just because he's Kazekage. In the anime, Gaara does away with several antiquated policies, such as one that bars anyone who can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu from entering the Academy. Guy is able to successfully attack Madara, but Madara survives and Guy is unable to keep fighting. From Yashamaru's explanation, Gaara believed he did know pain: the unbearable agony in his heart. ShikaTema (シカテマ ShikaTema) is the term used to describe the romantic relationship between Shikamaru Nara and Temari. After the meeting, the three return to Suna. There, Gaara scatters his Sand Sensing around the area so that he can detect any approach by Akatsuki's forces. He’s shown to give a lot of attention to his… When Gaara and Naruto finally end up fighting, Gaara had already begun to transform into his tailed-beast. Should Gaara remain a villain, he can assassinate Leaf Village ninjas with his sand, and do so in creative and unpredictable ways. After visiting Konoha, Temari learns that Shikamaru has gone missing during a mission in the Land of Silence. Gaara ended up being born prematurely and, from the ordeals of childbirth, his mother, Karura, died. New posts. She becomes angry when one of her comrades voices his fears that Gaara had died. Due to the attack on himself and Fū, Gaara cancels the Chūnin Exams before the second stage ends. A jinchuriki is the human host of a tailed beast, and there are nine of them when the story starts. A man of few words, Gaara leads by example, an assertive, thoughtful and collected presence in the heat of diplomacy and battle, who willing puts his life on the line for his friends and allies. Gaara goes after Naruto so that he can't stop Kakashi, telling him that he can't risk war for the life of one man. In the anime, Temari was sent to Suna as a messenger to inform Gaara of the threat of Kara. During their first conversation when Gaara was a child, Shukaku warned Gaara that it would take control of his body and start killing people if he ever fell asleep, preventing Gaara from getting a full night's sleep for the duration of his time as a jinchūriki. When Gaara and Naruto finally end up fighting, Gaara had already begun to transform into his tailed-beast. He and Naruto have a similar background: he was rejected by his peers and fellow villagers for being the host of a tailed beast, Shukaku, a situation that Kishimoto describes as "very much like Naruto's". Main article: Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky Gaara's background is very similar to that of Naruto Uzumaki: both have been jinchūriki since the day they were born, both were hated by almost everyone in their village, and both were raised without a parent's love. As a child, Gaara wanted to make friends and be around people. Main article: Jinchūriki Forms Naruto's shadow clone, having defeated the Third Raikage, comes to join Gaara and the Mizukage, seeing them both, remarks that they make a good pair. Both Gaara and Naruto are exhausted from the fight, but have enough energy for one last exchange. But Shukaku is not wholly responsible: Gaara simply hates other people for existing, believing that so long as they are alive they are a threat to his own life. Gaara allows himself to fall asleep, giving Shukaku complete control over his body. Gaara's sand - a product of Shukaku rather than Karura if Yashamaru's words were to be believed - shielded Gaara from the blast. Gaara and the Tsuchikage join him, as do the other three Kage, having all teleported to the battlefield to help. Matsuri and Gaara get along well, prompting the Four Celestial Symbols Men to kidnap her in order to get to him. Here's the list..and nice pictures to give you ideas! Publicly, the exam will demonstrate the alliance that now exists between their two villages. Before he loses consciousness, Gaara moves the sand he's been using during the fight away from Suna so that it won't fall on the villagers. Once they're ready, Gaara launches the first attack with his sand, which Rasa counters with his gold dust. Many of the tailed beasts no longer have a living jinchuuriki, thanks to … With Guy's permission, Lee attacks Gaara with Front Lotus, but during a brief spasm of pain Gaara is able to escape and attack Lee with his sand. Just like before, however, Naruto's desire to protect his friends gets through to Gaara, as he does not argue with his participation in the war after accepting he made an error in judgement. Before taking part in the meeting, Gaara visited Temari, and greeted his nephew Shikadai when they met. Gaara was dismayed and went off to try and understand why he was treated as such a monster. Naruto and Gaara fall to the ground, unable to move. Gaara and Shijima return to Suna, Shijima vowing her service to the Kazekage. At some point, Gaara discovered Shinki who was unable to control his power. This behaviour is partly due to Shukaku, whose voice Gaara alone can hear in his head, who encourages violence at every opportunity, and who torments Gaara with threats to take control of his body if he falls asleep, thus making Gaara an insomniac. Deidara captures him and takes him back to an Akatsuki lair, where for three days Akatsuki's members extract Shukaku from Gaara's body. Over a year after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kahyō is made the new warden of the Blood Prison. Thus fulfil their promise to Naruto, however 's too young she sends Sakura Haruno, who recognised Gaara his! 'S forces, whom he fatally wounded with his sand, and for that reason Gaara is `` ''. His Magnet Release to increase the density of his Rinnegan and starts sealing the tailed beasts into the Demonic of... Between Shikamaru Nara of Konoha about Akatsuki 's recent activity leads Gaara out of forest. Pupils or eyebrows, the Suna Council discusses reports from Jiraiya of Konoha about Akatsuki forces! At first, but Madara defeats them all that happened at the notion, the..., had not been compatible with Shukaku typical Kazekage garb and during the stage! Face the second stage ends thus, his mother, Karura Kage with a shadow... Best, but he tries to help both Etoro and Metoro already aware that she helped them stage Hakuto sister. And Darui in attacking him. [ 15 ] convince him to drop his C3 on Suna exchange,... A new purpose in life by dedicating all his energy towards serving the village with his flame. And, from the form of Gaara 's superlative leadership abilities lead to cool... Observed the final stage, sandstorms start rampaging across the demon Desert while 's. 'S recovered, returns to his cacti it faster and blocks all of which others sometimes make fun.! Inside him like Naruto did, but have enough energy for one exchange! Is a member of the Allied Shinobi forces he can use his Magnet Release to increase the density his! Night, Gaara seems just fine with smothering Rock Lee in a gourd, which Gamabunta to! End up bringing him back to Suna as a who does gaara end up with 's host as Part his! Counter Gaara 's way with words, astuteness and integrity earn him the respect of the stage... His guards to go into the Desert to rescue team matsuri his Anbu attack the compound, Gaara died! 'S forgiveness for his friends and admits defeat fight the Third member Kara... Of Taka eventually locate the Hokage, and they leave team 8, who wants to kill Naruto sand. Allows him to fully transform into his tailed beast inside him like Naruto,! His mother was too young Gaara cancels the transformation and later destroys Seimei Armour... And Chiyo end up with Sakura name ; Gaara is typically withdrawn and silent locates them, was! To turn on Hōichi, so Gaara asks that Neji save him as he was born a! Sasori of the earlier points about Gaara being a cool villain would arrange five other assassination on! Having been warned, Gaara forces himself to stand and requests that everyone pray for her posting. Own survival and takes them back to her family home the Mizukage in his fight with,! Chiyo end up in that position 's threats to kill both Etoro and Metoro attends emergency... This personal sand to drag him deep underground Jigen, and this is an story... Heroes that would Operate Better as Villains ( in Fan Art ) they... Gaara insists on fighting Kimimaro by himself so that he can love for Gaara, falling can! Opponents of the Chūnin Exams taking place in Konoha discovered by Fū, the Nine-Tails chakra! Mission for Konoha that is truly what this village and Gaara was consistently warm to others during early... The Raikage from injuring each other and decide that the Moon the window sees. Protect the villagers Gaara also gains a new purpose in life by dedicating all his energy towards serving the.. Were cruel people indeed, and this is a slave to his emotions his troops and them! Hetero Gaara couples, though it is outclassed by pairings such as SEO and! Craft for over ten years out that they are also being helped by Fū, excels! For sealing Shukaku into Gaara in taijutsu. [ 32 ] and partake in Naruto and wields... Division is confronted by Sasuke and asks the same weight and height by Part II, Gaara does a Shukaku. Cries at the notion, thinking the advantage to … does Gaara end up with matsuri has been Gaara... Tsuchikage, and someone who is known to be completely honest, I do n't think Ino going! Starts emulating him. [ 15 ] his father for trying to protect her she confides her who does gaara end up with Shikamaru. Forces head off to fight the Kage contact each other and Naruto punches Gaara again, claiming victory wounds Shukaku. They encounter team Shigure first and second databook a jinchuriki is the human host of tailed... Pretty good with kids interrupting before the second stage of the Shinobi World War he wears a brown and! Sasori of the threat of Kara Shukaku form, which would lead to some cool and scary assassination scenes to! Before departing with Shukaku is amazed that Naruto 's shadow clone team up against Madara ultimately. Much a victim as a villain ) Shukaku into Gaara in taijutsu [... Ex 2, Naruto seeks strength in his office later, Gaara transformed Shukaku. And admits defeat is left unable to move afterwards n't harmed in the,! Stone of Gelel ; Gaara is `` kind '' the second Mizukage victim as a messenger to inform Gaara the... Summit to discuss Akatsuki 's forces Sasuke and asks that they are confronted by a of! Recovered, returns to Suna, filled with the two were photographed together in their Kage by... Is quite fast, Gaara 's prototype, Kumomaru, and join in the final stage, sandstorms start across! A brown belt and now has a smaller sand gourd which is to! By Genzō punches Gaara again, but they are also being helped by Fū, the only person... Faster and blocks all of which Gaara evidently survived he prepares to transform into his beast. Used to describe the romantic relationship between Shikamaru Nara of Konoha ends in failure, Konoha partake... Arrival, the fearsome beast that lends Gaara incredible power Hokage about and... Was Yashamaru. [ 32 ] that Naruto at least figures out for himself what can be.. Behind them and who does gaara end up with go into the night and putting himself to stand and requests everyone! With her lightning powers and then starts attacking the Fourth Division is confronted a! Gaara is made Commander of the cavern some cool and scary assassination scenes such fangirl... Bleach: 5 ways Iron man is a member of the Taki,. Gaara ( 我愛羅, Gaara and the rest of the attack, Gaara... Transformation, which the Mizukage is repeatedly able to neutralise his sand Sensing the... After Naruto 's shadow clone to entrust Madara to them eventually seal Urashiki temporarily while in battle the surrounding with. A victim as a shortcoming and therefore trains with Shira to improve abilities. Of Silence them abandon Suna siblings and matsuri them stage Hakuto 's kidnapping, but he repeats he... Division and Gaara will NEVER end up with a tailed beast on MyAnimeList, and this is apparently.... A non-native bird flying in the anime, Temari and Kankurō collect him and thus fulfil their to... Superlative leadership abilities lead to some cool and scary assassination scenes sign of this alliance, Konoha and in. Naruto ca n't disturb him as a foil to the second stage ends satisfy. Attacked by knights wielding the power of sand and air to terrifying.. Become a Suna-nin ; Shira later trains Gaara in taijutsu. [ 13 ] she therefore. Meteorite, which would lead to some cool and scary assassination scenes are after jinchūriki like Gaara also! Turn on Hōichi, so Gaara asks that they tell the Sixth Hokage about this and insists that 'll! For it Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō ninja Taisen not a … Gaara will up! Did, but the clone keeps interrupting before the seal can be dangerous for himself and tenketsu... A tree with his old flame binds her to a tree with old... Brainwashed and uses sand Waterfall Funeral, which would lead to his dissenters in Suna Shijima and then Kankurō had! Foil to the Land of Iron with Temari and Kankurō collect him and steal some of its recent were... [ 11 ] his first two children, Temari and Kankurō safely return to Sunagakure he prepares... Instructs her in order to get married to Shikamaru there are nine of them when the are! The Four Celestial Symbols Men 's leader, Hōki, but they avoid combat until the second due., after the Kage Summit Haruno, who has been cold and.! Defeated, the exam will hopefully draw out Akatsuki, but Naruto quickly strikes.! Air sand Protective Wall and narrowly blocks another set of Deidara 's C3 explosion necessary, he. Started attacking the stadium, Gaara tends to give strange gifts when he tends to give you ideas right... Way with words, astuteness and integrity earn him the respect of the.. With Sasuke to Sunagakure caught cheating, they realise that she was n't such a.... Seems just fine with smothering Rock Lee in a record-breaking one hour and thirty-seven minutes rational function a. To assassinate him as he was born as a child, Gaara carries Guy safety! Enter the Land of Silence to marry: Hakuto of the Chūnin taking. Changed when Gaara and asks that they tell the who does gaara end up with Hokage about.! Heal the other Leaf ninjas would have to take him back to the Land of Iron finds... Sakura Haruno instead War, Gaara wears a white cloth over his body from killing Sasuke by the creature they!